Wix or Shopify for your website? Think again

If you’re a small business or an aspiring entrepreneur, then this might be a good a read for you.

First off, congratulations for starting that business and keeping your doors open for this long and if you’re still planning on starting one, then that’s awesome. Owning a business in this current economy isn’t easy with all the competition and consumer awareness. Most entrepreneurs struggle to survive while others just give in and close shop.

Nobody can blame them (those who close up shop), this is because all the giant businesses are now not only fighting to dominate their respective industries, they are now expanding to other industries as well. Amazon for example has a huge portfolio of businesses in other industries just to dominate the market.

Such moves prompt small businesses to ask themselves two questions. First being; how do we survive?

This question fortunately has been answered by social media where any business has access to the market and though competitive, it gives everyone a shot at market share.

Second; how do we go about it?

Can we not just build a website and start posting our products on social media? We can use platforms such as Wix.com or Shopify.com to get us going.

I have had this conversation with several small businesses who at the beginning considered these options, I never really disagreed with them as it is a fast way of getting your products/services online. Issue with these routes are the costs, most of the entrepreneurs I talk to were ready to have a website the next day but were not ready to make the monthly payments. The main issue with such platforms is that, they act as landlords and you will be their tenant for as long as your website is being hosted by them. In most cases, they don’t give you the option of migrating should you choose to host your site on a different platform. This monthly payment is usually a hassle for small businesses in the long run.

So, what do I do now?

Well there are two ways you can go from here, you can either; try to learn web design skills (enroll in a boot camp and hope to complete it in the next 6 months) which most entrepreneur don’t have the time for, or you can seek professional advice.

Speaking to a web design specialist whose goal is not only to build your site but coach you on best practices should be the best path to take. Purple Designs has a team of specialist working to lower small businesses cost while helping them stay sustainable using modern technological tools

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