Starting a Business with No Experience

The question in everyone’s mind is, do I need to be an experience coder in order to start a tech start up? Or do I need to be have a MBA in order to start a consultancy? The answer to these questions is a huge NO!

In the early 90’s and 2000’s, having such skills to start a business in the industry was pertinent as it was difficult to do otherwise, communication wasn’t as advance as it is today. You needed to have some skill set in the industry before you could think of going at it alone.

Today, however is a different story. There’s this new term called networking; the name networking was coined in 1985 by Bill Lewis in Jacksonville Florida, however the art of networking can be traced as far back as when humans started trading by batter. I’m pretty sure, it goes way back but I will stop there for the sake of this post.

Networking has made it possible for people to acquire new knowledge and form partnerships both professional and personal. As a young an aspiring entrepreneur, you can network your way into any industry and find whatever talent you need to help realize your idea. The ease of networking today is what separates entrepreneurs today from those in the past. There are several platforms whose sole purpose is to link young minds together for productive partnerships (LinkedIn, Meetup, Freelancer etc.)

For example, if you have an idea for an App and you have no coding knowledge and let’s say very little money.

You can start by looking up coding meetups or events in your area. Attend these meetups or events and talk to people (not about your idea directly). Converse with them and gauge their compatibility with yours. You might find someone you click with and he/she can help build your idea for you.

Also, discuss it with your family members and friends (your number one free resource), you’ll be surprise by what they know or who they can introduce you to.

If all else fails, hire and expert and they will assist you.

However in today’s world with all the resources we have at our disposal, it’s very unlikely for the first two options to fail.

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