Your First Social Media Post

Posting on social media can be nerve-racking especially when starting out. When I started social media marketing, everyday gave me anxiety. I remember how I will question myself if that article or photo I was going to post was going to interest people or if anyone will like it.

It is not easy but one thing I realized was; if I don’t click the post button, I will never know what peoples reaction will be. I could speculate forever and never actually know how the reaction would be like. I remember hitting the post button for the first time and no one liked the post. I spent the next couple of days asking myself the question, what did I do wrong? Are people just ignoring me? How are the pros doing it? All this questions filling my head just made me want to stop. I remembered I almost gave up after that one post, but then I realized a couple of days after that no one can like your post if a) you just post an article and hope they like it and b) if you haven’t established yourself in the market (build a following).

I read a couple of inspiring books one being “The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. This help me reconfigure my brain to stop overthinking and focus. So I started posting every day, sometimes within 3 – 4 hours intervals when we had something fun going on. I quickly realized that with some consistency and maybe about $25 to boost a page, you can quickly pick up more than 100 likes on social media and this is how my client/friend’s business page grew.

So don’t be afraid to spread the word, your first post can be about anything. The secret at the end of the day is consistency it will start slow but as you steadily build momentum in keeping your readers informed. Your page will soon grow like wildfire.

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