What You Need To Know About Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a form of selling where a seller fulfills customer orders without holding inventory. A seller can take an order from a customer and send it directly to a manufacturer/wholesaler and the manufacturer/wholesaler in turn fulfill the order without the seller touching the actual product.

That is drop shipping in two lines, now the question everyone is asking is; should I get into drop shipping?

This question has been asked by many people I’ve come across with and my answer has always been; “hhmmm, well it depends”.

Many blogs will tell to do it and find your niche, find the product on Aliexpress, create a Shopify or Woocommerce website and sell. Other guys will tell you to pay them and they will show you the best way to go about it. All these are not bad ideas but aren’t the best either. Some blogs will go as far as telling you how much hard work is involved when running a drop shipping store which is true.

Enough dissing, time to get to my point. When I get asked, what do you think of drop shipping, my usual answer is; well it depends. It depends on you. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in, yes most blogs will say do your research and find a niche that you can specialize in. This rule unfortunately applies in every situation. The movie “The Wolf of wall street” references a scene where one of Leo’s friend’s sells a pen to the guy just for fun. Although this may look trivial; a pen is something we need, it’s almost a necessity for most and this is why almost anyone can sell it.

The logic behind drop shipping is the same, when you believe in a product, you can sell it. I will give you one example of my college teacher who taught us during normal school hours and sold/delivered imported sesame seeds during the weekends and breaks. There are thousands of drop shippingretailers already selling sesame seeds, so what made his different and how was he succeeding? Because he not only sold it, he talked and blogged about it. This is what drove traffic to his site and consequently increased his sales.

So if you think drop shipping is something you can start tomorrow, well your right. But if you plan on succeeding as a drop shipper, I will advise think and think again. Once you find a product you’re passionate about and don’t mind talking about how cool or beneficial it is to your neighbours then i think you’re ready.


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