According to, about 22.5 million Canadians browsed, research or compared goods online in 2018. Every year this number will only grow. More and more people are looking for the necessary services and goods on the Internet and are ready to buy them there.For business owners, this means only one thing – it is on the Internet that you need to look for your customers and draw their attention to their products.

Most companies have long resolved the issue of their presence on the Internet positively by creating websites and launching groups on social networks. However, the correct distribution of the advertising budget for many remains a problem.

Most have negative experiences with online advertising:

  • We launched contextual advertising and spent several days on the entire advertising budget without receiving a single client.
  • They invested in website promotion, but competitors still occupy leading positions.
  • Created groups in social networks. But only employees of the company are still subscribed to them.

The list of problems that entrepreneurs face when working on online sites is endless. And only competent internet marketing strategy can solve these problems. In order for your online advertising activity to be as effective as possible and regularly bring you new customers, we offer an online marketing service.

We will draw up a marketing plan for you, in which we select the best strategies for Internet promotion for you and write a step-by-step action plan. It will analyze your competitors, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and help you occupy your niche in the business. In addition, we will calculate the necessary advertising budget or adjust to your available funds.

Do not think that a lack of funds automatically closes your entry to the online sales market. In fact, you can even start developing an online business with a very modest budget. And then we will work together to develop your business on the Internet.