GlocalMe G4 Pro Mobile WiFi Hotspot with 1GB Global Data Multifuntion No SIM-Card Pocket MIFI Double Data(White)



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1.1GB initial Global Data & 8GB North America Data We understand the new home life makes you bored, therefore GlocalMe G4 pro comes with 1.1GB global data. 8GB North America data can be used in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Please offer us device IMEI number to redeem the data. Double Your Data with the Same Price GlocalMe MiFi 6G CA data package used to be $35.99, now you will get 12 GB in total with $35.99. 12GB used to be $59.99, now you can get 24GB in total with $59.99,as low as $2.49/1G. Perfect Stay-at -home/travel gadget Global coverage in 140+ countries and regions. SIM-card free. Fast and stable 4G internet at a maximum speed of 150 Mbps download/50 Mbps upload. We offer 24/7 online support to keep you connected and entertained. Check our official website for detailed coverage: www.glocalme. Glocalme App Connect up to 5 smart devices including laptop, smart phone, kindle, etc. Download Glocalme App to easily manage your hotspot and purchase data plans at low cost. Available on iOS and Android. No contract or extra roaming charges. Network optimization to solve network congestion function. Keeping you connected is a top priority. Intelligent Network Selection G4 Pro connect to the best local network automatically,no more network congestion issues.It also Provides an reliable and ultra fast 4G Internet.Work for 15 hours with 3900mAh battery which could also recharge your smart phone on the road.

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