Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator – Refurbished



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One of the most advanced of many, this Texas Instruments calculator features functional MathPrint capabilities. On the Texas Instruments TI-36X users can utilize MathPrint for viewing calculations in math notations, including the answers to fractions, square roots, and pi. Extra enhanced functionality in math makes the Texas Instruments TI-36X ideal for science and engineering courses, as well as classes where graphing technologies may not be allowed. For a scientific calculator, this product comes packed full of features such as the easy to read LCD display, quick reset, and hard plastic smooth coated keys. With a four-line LCD display as well as three solvers for numeric equation, linear equations, and polynomial operations, this Texas Instruments calculator is highly flexible and functional. With numeric derivatives and integral options for real functions, the Texas Instruments TI-36X has a plethora of engineering and scientific notations. On the Texas Instrument calculator, consumers can enjoy three memory options for storing intermediate results. Being a scientific calculator, this device is also helpful for trigonometry, advanced algebra, computer sciences, and statistics.

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