Why does a site need promotion?

In search of the necessary information, people turn to Bing and Google. Search engines act as a link between users and sites. And this means, the closer the site is to the start of search results, the higher its traffic. We know how to make sure that your site is in the top 10, i.e. was on the first page of a search in a selected region for certain key queries. Unlike  contextual advertising , the effect of SEO promotion has a longer effect. And this greatly increases the chances of your site making a deal, unlike many other competing sites.

When can we help?

  1. The site needs to be made more visible, to increase its traffic.
  2. Check and fix the mistakes of the previous SEO contractor

How do we promote sites?

  1. Monitoring competitors. Without analyzing the situation of your niche, it is impossible to choose the right promotion strategy.
  2. Internal website optimization. The necessary step to bring the site to the top. We check the sites for errors, register the correct meta tags, put the robots file in order, create a site map, remove broken links and duplicate pages, configure the correct page linking on the site, etc.
  3. External optimization is an important step in the promotion. By increasing the link mass of the site, we increase the confidence of the search engine in your Internet resource.